Our Sales Philosophy


Trowbridges, Ltd. is proud to be able to always offer a variety of Arabian and Half Arabian horses for sale. While we’re probably best known for producing and selling exciting English Pleasure show horses, our greatest thrill is making exactly the right match between horse and rider, whether your goal is the pinnacle of National competition, or finding exactly the right partner for trail-riding and at-home companionship.

Besides being committed to identifying the best horse-rider match possible, we also offer to “service what we sell”, and are always available to help in any way that we can with your new purchase. We believe in full disclosure of any and all information that we are aware of about each horse, and are happy to furnish whatever “blueprints to success” that we have.


We offer sellers an honest opinion on the marketing prospects for your horse, extensive outreach to identify and develop buyers, and dedicated effort to maximize your horse’s selling potential, as soon as it reaches the farm We utilize multi-channel distribution platforms for video and internet marketing, and are adept at creating web-ready videos on site.

Our team is ready to help you with your Arabian horse experience. Whether you are looking to experience the show ring from local and regional competition to the pinnacle of the Nationals, or ready to begin your Arabian experience with your very first purchase, we are here to help. And if we don’t have the right horse for you in the barn, rest assured–we can find him for you!