For horse afficiandos interested in exploring horse ownership before making the financial committment, we often have horses available for full or partial lease. Most of the lease horses are some of our older, semi-retired show horses, many of whose owners may have gone on to other show mounts but were unwilling to part permanently with horses who have become important family members.

These situations offer you and your family the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the horse experience both financially and emotionally, to see if horse ownership is for you. With the horses that have been a part of the show string, the opportunity also exists to compete at an introductory level if desired, or to simply enjoy learning about horses and horsemanship for its own sake.

Leasing entitles you to lessons at the discounted fee for training/showing clients, and also includes extra private time in the saddle, as it can be arranged with us based on facility availability. All lease horses must remain here at the farm for the duration of the lease, unless they are attending a show with the Trowbridge’s Ltd. staff. For more information, please feel free to contact us to set up a time to talk in greater depth about our leasing program.