Lesson Program


The Riding School
Educators in The Art of Horsemanship

Trowbridge’s comprehensive lesson program educates riders from beginner through the advanced art of horsemanship. We consider our farm a classroom open to anybody with a passion for learning about horses. Our program focuses on more than just riding skills; our students learn how to interact and communicate with their horses’ from the ground up, and our goal is to help our riders integrate the lessons learned from horses with the skills necessary to succeed in all areas of life, as well as to make your riding fun, safe, and rewarding. 

The lessons are creative, challenging and fun and are individually tailored to fit every learning style and ability level. Here at Trowbridge’s you will do more than learn to ride, you will learn to take an active role in your own horse education and come away with not just riding lessons, but lessons for life and personal growth. 

Our lesson horses are all retired Arabian show horses from our Nationally competitive show string. For the more advanced riders, their background and training make them capable of interacting on a more intricate level, but their instinctive Arabian intuition allows them to also quickly adapt to our smaller or more timid riders. We take care to match our lesson horses correctly with the physical and psychological makeup of each rider, and all of our lesson horses continue to be schooled and trained by our professional staff as needed.

Our instructors are all successful professional horse trainers with a wide repertoire of experience and credentials, and all have the ability to teach from beginners all the way up the training scale to the very advanced levels of horsemanship. Each of our instructors are successful competitors and riders themselves, and participate in the training program as well as serving as instructors. To enhance the services offered through our weekly lesson program, Trowbridge’s offers clinics, workshops, guest speakers and instructors, and several intensive multi-day riding seminars at various times throughout the year. 

An innovative new addition to our lesson program has been the purchase of a new Freedman Tandem saddle, pictured at the right. This saddle is ideal for the younger riders just starting out, as it consists of two complete seats and irons. This saddle allows young or fearful riders to sit in front of an instructor, offering the safety of having an experienced rider aboard to manage guiding, speed and balance. An invaluable tool, this saddle is enabling many of our younger riders to experience the joys of riding much earlier then they might have using more conventional methods, and is proving to be a valuable teaching aid in a variety of different situations. 

Whether you are a serious horse show competitor, a recreational rider looking to improve your skill for the trails, or just beginning your horse education, we will cater our lessons to fit your needs. Call us at 860-354-8926 for a personal introduction to our programs, instructors and fees.