Husbands and Dads

The true support team for our riders is many times the Husbands and Dads who are the unseen heros. They are there for the early mornings lessons, the long trips to shows, through the cold and wet and we know we could not do it without them. They cheer us on and cheer us up when we need it and so we want to say THANKS!!! You guys are the greatest.

GT Schramm is always the consummate supporter of the Trowbridge clan. We can count on him to be there with a smile and a encouraging word.

Ken D’Auria is a true devotee to the Arabian breed with his support of his wife, Kathy and the whole team, he is always a joy to see.

Iman’s Dad, Nedim Dervisevic, has been at many shows as of late and providing great support for his daughter.