Our Dogs

Trowbridge’s Goes to the Dogs (and Cats)
Our fond furry, four footed friends feel fine with every visit to the Trowbridge’s Ltd Farm. Much like our clients, many of these dogs are part of the welcoming committee each weekend, as well as at the shows. The experience would not be the same without them. Each furry friend has a unique personality with the one constant being unswerving devotion and true companionship. This page is dedicated to our wonderful dogs, many of whom play an integral part in the farm’s hospitality and psycho-therapy divisions.

Chilli has produced a long line of beautiful dogs and it is no wonder that the love of Aussies has spread to clients, trainers and the wonderful staff.

Nika is fitting right into the Trowbridge family. She loves visitors, loves to play with the new puppy Joy and give kisses to all of the horses on their nose, especially our newest exciting additions.

Linda and Michael shared these great shots of Mr Spock, who is a Pharaoh Hound and such a great friend with the best ears in town.

And so everyone knows that we are not dog snobs, we are animal lovers in general. And here is some great shots of Lei Han’s wonderful kitty, Cleo.

On the left is one of Kathy and Ken D’Auria’s beautiful Dobies and with a recent addition of a new puppy they are up to 4- how great! On the right, is another Dozer, weighing in at 120lbs he fits his name. Meredith says he is a 7 year old bull mastiff & such a big baby!

We are truly an eclectic group, accepting of all sizes, shapes and hair styles.

Relatives of Dozer and Chilli – relaxing and swimming. This is Mazie and Dublin (grand-daughters of Chilli) and Laddie (brother of Dozer).