The breeding program at Trowbridges, Ltd. is headed by Pat Trowbridge, who brings over thirty years of professional experience in animal reproduction to the farm. Pat’s background and knowledge enable the farm to offer on-site collection, shipment, insemination and breeding services, as well as the routine health and teasing regimens that go with any successful breeding farm. Besides stallion collection and shipment, Trowbridges, Ltd. also specializes in mare-care and foaling for a variety of clients, and is able to offer a large amount of on-farm care for the breeding horses in their care. Before opening their own business over fifteen years ago, Pat managed some of the largest and most progressive Angus cattle farms in the country, working intensively with then-cutting-edge embryo transplant programs and breeding programs that gave him a strong basis for the needs required by today’s equine breeding clients.

Veterinarian reproductive services are provided by Dr. Jeffrey Williams of Mountain, Mort, and Williams of Rhinebeck, NY. Dr. Williams has serviced the Trowbridge’s program since inception, and is on-site during breeding season at least three times per week. Assisting Pat in the breeding department is long-time employee Christian Cardenas, who works in conjunction with Dr. Williams and other farm employees to continue providing the farm’s breeding clients with uninterrupted service when the rest of Trowbridge team is on the road.

Located just a few minutes from the farm is Dr. Ron Emond, whose mainly equine-reproductive practice provides service to the farm in preparing frozen semen, flushing on-site mare being used in the embryo donor program, and quarantining and shipment for international breeding needs. Dr. Emond has a close working relationship with Vaughn Cook of Fort Collins, CO, where embryos flushed at the farm are shipping for implantation into Cook’s large group of recipient mares.

Services provided within the breeding program at Trowbridges, Ltd. include on-site mare management and care for difficult breeders, shipment of cooled and frozen semen, stallion training and collection, foaling, weaning, halter breaking and mare/foal health care and needs.